Name of the Department/Board




Penha de Franca, Bardez-North Goa, Goa


The office is located In

Own Building


Extent of GHB Land (in Ha.)

330.17 Ha


No. of Divisional offices

a) Head Office, Porvorim, Goa



b) Planning Division, Porvorim, Goa



c) North Division, Porvorim, Goa



d) South Division, Gogol, Margao-Goa


Sr. No. Designation Status


Board of Directors

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 4, read with sub-section (1) of Section 5 of the Goa Housing Board Act , 1963 (Act No. 12 of 1968) and in supersession of the Government Notification No. 2/19/2007/HSG/Part dated 22-04-2006,published in the Official Gazette, Series II NO. 4, dated 28-04-2016 the Government of Goa hereby re-constitutes the Goa Housing Board, consisting of the following members, namely:-
1. Shri Jayesh Salgoankar - Chairman Minister for Housing
2. Shri Edwin Cardozo,Navellim, Salcete, Goa - Member
3. Shri Sakharam alias Prakash Morajkar, Guirim, Saligao, Goa - Member
4. Shri Bhiku Sawant, Porvorim, Goa - Member
5. Shri Shankar Chodankar, Sodetim, Chodan, Goa - Member
6. Shri Ashok Fadte, Cuncolim, Salcette, Goa - Member
7. Secretary (Housing) or his nominee not below the rank of Under Secretary - Member
8. Finance Secretary or his nominee not below the rank of Under Secretary from Finance Department - Member
9. Managing Director , Goa Housing Board - Member Secretary


Managing Director

The Managing Director is nominated by the Government and he is the Chief Executive of the Board who exercises control and superintendence over the functions of other employees of the Board. He is the appointing and disciplinary authority of the staff of the Board. The powers of the Government like Financial Power Rules, Fundamental and Supplementary Rules, Central Treasury Rules are delegated to Managing Director.


Housing Engineer

Housing Engineer is the head of the Technical Sections of the Board who exercises the powers of Superintending Engineer of PWD. At present, the charge of the Housing Engineer is held by the Executive Engineer. The post of Housing Engineer is vacant due to the retirement of the Officer who was holding the post of Housing Engineer.


Executive Engineers

There are three Technical Divisions of the Board like North Division, South Division and Planning Division and the said divisions are under the control of the Executive Engineer each. There are three Executive Engineers in the Goa Housing Board.


Chief Accounts Officer

Formulation of financial policies and of Budget, Budgetary control in investment matters and in maintaining plan targets. Supervising compilation of Branch Accounts and amalgamation in the Final Accounts of the Board. Control of the salary and other personal claims of the officers and staff including contingent expenditure supervision and control of the Asset Register and of GPF and pension account of the Staff/Officers.


Assistant Engineers

There are 9 Assistant Engineers of the Board. As the activities of the Board are land development and construction of flats and tenements, Assistant Engineers are allocated different sites of construction and development.


Assistant Architect

Preparation of architectural plans of the schemes (including layout plans and building plans) of the Board for submission to the local authorities and getting it approved from them.


Office Superintendent

All the types of supervisory work of administrative branch, matters pertaining to the Staff and members of the Board, maintenance of the minutes of the Board.



There are 3 Accountants of the Board at Head Office and one each in the Division. Maintenance and writing of Journal books and balancing ledger and drawal of monthly trial balance. Scrutinizing refunds in respect of deposits of intending purchasers, contractors and suppliers. Preparation of the statistical date in respect of availability of funds under Plan and Non Plan schemes.


Estate Manager/ Head Clerk

Correspondence with the intending purchasers, checking of draft sale deeds for plots, tenements, flats, shops. Maintenance of register of individual scheme.


Junior Engineers

There are 9 Junior Engineers in the Board who are under the control of Assistant Engineer.


Draughtsman Grade I

Drafting to scales, sketch drawing of building plans and site layout with relevant section, elevation and preparing drawing to be submitted to the local authorities.


Upper Division Clerk

There are 8 Upper Division Clerks in the Board. Dealing with the issue of advertisement of premises as and when ready for sale on receipt of report from the Division. Preparation and scrutiny list for allotment and sale of plots, tenements, flats and shops on completion of formalities prescribed in the Regulations.


Junior Stenographer

Dictation and all typing work from the Managing Director and Housing Engineer. All Board meeting matters and records.


Lower Division Clerk

There are 8 Lower Division Clerks in the Board. All typing work, dealing with the personal files such as leave matter, processing of telephone bills, newspaper bills, maintenance of registers and files.


Tally Clerk

Entry of incoming letters and outgoing letters, maintenance of entry register, outward files, peon delivery register.


Ferro Printing Machine Operator

Ammonia printing, operating duplicating machine.


Work Assistant

There are 3 Work Assistants in the Board. Supervise the work at Site entrusted to them.



There are 4 Supervisors who Supervise the works at Site entrusted to them.


Attendant Messenger

There are two Attendant Messengers of the Board. Attend all the dispatch work, delivery of correspondence to the Bank, Post Office and all other Departments. Maintain dispatch register, stamp register, etc.



There are 4 Peons in the Board who attend the Office Superintendent and other staff in the Section. To open and close the office, operating the Xerox machine, cleaning of tables, chairs, racks, cupboards from the Section.



There are 2 Watchman in the Board performing their duties at Head Office and Divisional Office.



Sweeping, cleaning of toilets and floors, removing of cobwebs in the Office.


Sr. No. description status


Total Extent of land acquired for housing sites

An area of 330.17 Ha. has been acquired by the HB since 1969 for providing of house sites/tenements to beneficiaries.


the details of land acquired, compensation paid, survey no. wise etc..

L.A. register is maintained, showing the details of land acquired, compensation paid, possession taken over etc.,