5.1 Creation of surplus in housing stock either on rental or ownership basis.
5.2 Providing quality and cost – effective housing and shelter options to the citizens.
5.3 Ensuring that housing along with the supporting services is treated as a priority and at par with the infrastructure sector.
5.4 Development of cities and villages in a manner which provide for a healthy environment, increased use of renewable energy sources and pollution free atmosphere with a concern for solid waste disposal.
5.5 Using the housing sector to generate more employment and achieve skill upgradation in housing and building activity which continue to depend on unskilled and low wage employment to a large extent.
5.6 Ensuring that all dwelling units have easy accessibility to basic sanitation facilities and water.
5.7 Removing legal, financial and administrative barrier for facilitating access to land, finance and technology.
5.8 Progressive shift of rural housing strategies from target orientation to a demand driven approach.
5.9 Using local resources and appropriate cost effecting technology for modernising the housing sector to increase efficiency, productivity, energy efficiency and quality.
5.10 Forging strong partnership between private, public and co-operative sectors to enhance the capacity of the construction industry to participate in every sphere of housing and habitat.
5.11 Meeting the special needs of SC/ST/OBC/disabled and ex-servicemen.
5.12 Protecting and promoting our built, natural and cultural heritage, architecture and traditional skills.
5.13 Establishing a Management Information system in the housing sector to strengthen monitoring of building activity in the state. This would serve as a decision support system.
5.14 To provide a healthy environment without destroying the flora and fauna of the state.
5.15 To encourage and promote investment in housing and development related programmes.
5.16 To facilitate the people to mobilise saving for housing programmes.
5.17 Government role in the housing sector to be minimised as a builder, instead it should be as facilitator.
5.18 To promote a phased housing development programme wherein the people are encouraged to develop their housing unit progressively keeping in view their changing resource situation, affordability and housing need.
5.19 To formulate a new scheme for allotment of house sites to homeless economically weaker sections of the society in replacement of earlier 20 Point Programme Scheme.
5.20 To identify land in Urban & Rural areas for future settlements and lock for certain period. No permission should be granted for any construction in this area and no transaction of property is allowed during the locking period.